Wet Brush Pro Detanglers with Epic Pro Hair Towel Gift Pack

  • The perfect gift for that special tangle-haired someone in your life
  • 3 brushes–2 lime and 1 black–plus a towel kit
  • The ‘lime’ is referring to color, not flavor
  • Model: BSC830LIME, ZWPEPICTWL, but can you really put a model number on tangle-free hair?
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James Dillingham Young walked proudly into the living room on Christmas morning with a package under his arm and a gleam in his eye. “My dear, dear Della,” he said. “I know we are short on funds, but I’ve sold my watch and purchased you a gift! 'Tis a set Wet Brush Set: 2 lime brushes, 1 black brush, and a hair towel kit. Soon, you will be able to work through that mess of tangled hair you now hide, wrapped in a spare sheet!”

“But James,” Della cried, “I have terrible news! I sold my tangled hair to get you a chain for your watch!” She unwrapped the sheet now, revealing a shaved head.

“Wait, someone bought your tangled hair?” James said.

“Yeah,” Della said.

James scratched his chin. “So they gave you a haircut… and then paid you for it?”

Della considered this. “When you say it like that, I guess it was a pretty good deal.”

“How much you get?” James asked.

“A twenty spot,” Della said.

“Nice! They gave me $21 for my watch,” James said. “And since, I only paid $15, I can buy a new one with the leftover $5. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little cheaper than the last one now that I have a new chain. Then we’ll just keep these Wet Brushes, and if your hair grows out and gets tangled again, you can use them. Seriously, they’re pretty great. The bristles go through any kind of hair and they can be used wet, dry, on wigs, all that stuff. Plus the towel is 100% microfiber.”

“Works for me,” Della said, accepting the package.

“What a great Christmas,” James said.

“Seriously,” said Della, “we nailed it this year.”

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