URBNFit Core Strength & Balance Half-Ball Trainer w/ Detachable Resistance Bands

  • Finally, you don’t have to pay for the whole ball when all you need is half!
  • Comes with a pump and detachable resistance bands
  • Great for sit-ups, push-ups, resistance training, building core strength, and all sorts of other stuff
  • Its favorite singer: Keith URBN
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Be a (half) Baller!

Head over to this thing’s Amazon page, and you’ll find a video showing people using it for a variety of different exercises. But you’ll also notice something wrong.

No, it’s not the audacity of all the trophies behind the one guy.

No, it’s not that the track they use repeats, several times, the website it comes from.

It’s the setting. Each person they show is in the middle of a big open room, or on a beautiful closed porch surrounded by trees. But that, to us, doesn’t acknowledge one of the main selling points here.

Yes, it’s great for doing sit-ups. Yes, it’s great for doing push-ups. Also, resistance training and core engagement. And if you’re in a goofy mood you can try to balance on one leg on top of it. Or do any number of other stupid tricks.

But what’s even more important is that you can do all that stuff at home, even if you don’t have much room.

That means, this winter, when it gets too cold to exercise outside, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to go to a gym that’s a fifteen-minute drive each way where you’ll probably only use, like, two machines, before taking a public shower and getting dressed in a locker room among old weirdos who have zero boundaries.

You can just get one of these. And use it in your living room. Or your home office. Or your basement. Or a corner of the kitchen. Or your bedroom. Or wherever you have a few square feet to throw it down.

So, again, our beef with the video on Amazon is that it doesn’t demonstrate this key point.

But while you’re over there watching it, maybe check out the reviews where this thing earns a very respectable 4.5 out of 5 based on over 1,622 reviews. Then buy it from us for much cheaper.

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