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Vinrella Umbrella in a Bottle

  • In a market flooded with cool water bottles, this is the only water bottle that is not a water bottle at all!
  • It’s an umbrella and a case for that umbrella.
  • When you’re done with the umbrella, shove it into the water bottle case thing and voila, no dripping.
  • Just remember to air-dry the umbrella later.
  • To reiterate, you don’t drink out of this.
  • Model: BR4LL-0F-4-B0TTL3.
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Not A Bottle

Here we’ve got your classic WTF-to-HANB product. We’ll explain.

The WTF part is probably pretty clear. You see something that looks like a water bottle and has an umbrella coming out of it and you think, ‘wait… what?!’ Like, are you supposed to fill it with water? And then try and put the umbrella into it? Won’t the water get everywhere? Or, is it a bottle that doubles, when empty, as an umbrella holster? But then, wait, how is the cap to the water bottle also the end of the umbrella?

This is what we thought at first. But all these questions are actually rendered moot by a simple fact:

This thing is NOT a water bottle.

Or, it sort of is, in that it’s a thing designed to corral water. Sure, they definitely play up the water bottle look a little bit, maybe too much. But really, if you’re going to build a case for an umbrella, it’s going to look a little bottle-shaped. That’s just how it is, and that’s just what this is: an umbrella with its own protective case.

Still wondering why you need one?

It’s simple. Say you’re running late to a dentist appointment and it’s raining. You come into the waiting room and your umbrella is soaked. With this, you don’t need to awkwardly leave it discreetly in some corner because you don’t want it dripping everywhere while you’re getting a filling. Instead, you can shove it into its bottle-case-thing and put it in your bag without fear of leakage (as long as you remember to take it out later to air dry).

See, isn’t that actually smart? Hence, we arrive at the HANB.

(Oh, I guess I should mention HANB stands for “Huh, actually not bad.” Maybe that should’ve been stated up front.)

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