2-Pack: Triton 16-ft Retractable Dog Leash & Collapsible Water Bowl Set

  • 2 bundles of 2 products each
  • That means: 4 total items
  • Those four items are: 2 retractable leashes and 2 collapsible water bowls for your dog
  • The leashes have strong nylon ribbons, rubberized handles, and a button to push to keep your dog from tripping a jogger
  • Model: 4-N3W-L345H-0N-L1F3
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A Retraction

What we’ve got here is a 2-pack of 2-piece bundles. Each comes with a retractable leash and a small collapsable water bowl. In other words: 2 leashes, 2 bowls. Got it? Awesome!

Now, that collapsible water bowl is great in situations when there are no water sources available, and also when there are maybe too many water sources available. After all, your dog probably licks its own butthole and thinks cat poop tastes like a gourmet treat. So if you’re out for a long, exhausting walk, and you don’t have some fresh water and a thing to serve it in, l’ll bet Fido’s likely to drink a few gallons of nasty lake water or drain a scummy puddle and then let you deal with the digestive/gastrointestinal consequences later.

But the real star of this deal is obviously these leashes. So, here’s what you need to know: they use strong nylon for their ribbon rather than cheap polyester; they’ve got rubberized handles, so you won’t get stuck gripping cheap plastic; and they’ve each got a one-touch locking system, i.e. a button to push when you want to restrict the length the leash can extend.

Now, I don’t want to come across as a dog-hater here–because I’m not; I absolutely LOVE dogs–but I do want to take a second to ask all the retractable leash users out there a quick question.

You do know the above-mentioned button exists, right?

By which I mean, you understand that you have the option, at any time, to shorten your dog’s leash? Like, say, when there are pedestrians or joggers or cyclists around? And, in fact, it’s actually your responsibility to do so when things get crowded?

Oh, and also: do you understand that telling someone your dog, who is barking and baring its teeth, “won’t hurt you,” is actually far more reassuring when you are taking measures to actively restrain said dog? And thus limiting the bystander’s chances of proving (or disproving) that claim?

Anyway, just some questions to put out there for some of the dog owners I’ve seen. But not for you! No, we know you will only use your retractable leash in situations where your dog’s freedom of movement does not threaten the well-being of others!

So buy a couple. And use them. Responsibly.

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