The Original Dutch Oven from BK (2.5, 3.5, 5.5 Quart)

  • Th glaze-guard coating and anti-chip technology means… well, actually, these are very self-explanatorily named features
  • An enameled carbon steel body? More like an enamored carbon steel body! Get it? Because you’re going to love this thing!
  • Made in Germany, but still very Dutch
  • Like, seriously, this company basically invented the dutch oven
  • People love it whenever we sell it
  • Is it Mac compatible: honestly, these might feature cleaner, sexier design than even Apple products
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Cook On, Cooks

Look out the window, people. It’s not exactly stew season. It’s not even light brothy soup season. We’re getting into the heart of summer, so you might think now is not the time to buy a dutch oven. But you’d be wrong! There’s plenty to do with a dutch oven in the hot months. For example:

Cook with it outside!

Your grill? Your smoker? Your campfire? Sure, there’s stuff that you can cook directly on the slats or over the flames, but at the end of the day, they’re all just heat sources. So if you want to zhuzh up your outdoor meals with something a little gourmet, just plop one of these bad boys down like that grill/smoker/fire is a range and cook on!

Serve a drink in it!

The sangria you put out in that big bowl and brought to the cookout started off as a hit. But now that it’s been sitting out in the sun a while and the bugs have found it, there appear to be fewer takers. Next time, maybe serve it in a big vessel built out of sturdy enameled carbon steel that’ll help regulate the temperature. Bonus points if said vessel has a nice big lid for added protection. Can you think of such a thing?!

Use it for frying!

Chicken thigh fricassee and dumplings? Sounds like something to eat in December. Fried chicken and French fries? That’s something you can eat any time of year. And unless you’ve got an at-home deep fryer, a dutch oven might be your best bet. It can handle the hot oil and it’s deep, which means minimizing how much oily splatter ends up on your counter.

Make an ice cream Sundae in it!

We’re pretty sure if you fill one of these with ice cream and Sundae fixings and then eat the whole thing that it only counts as one serving.

Okay, fine. That last one’s a bit of a stretch. And sure, we’ve written about this before. But hey what do you want us to do? Talk about how this company was awarded the Dutch Royal Predicate again? They’re big pots, folks! There’s not too much to say about them!

So get one and get cooking, regardless of the season.

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