Tacklife 5-in-1 Hot & Cold 40-Second Preheating Laminator for Office/Home Use

  • You know how paper is all, like, flimsy?
  • Not anymore, baby!
  • Works quietly and without jamming
  • Has a paper trimmer and a beauty cutter
  • What’s so random about this: Not much, so if you’re in a random mood, maybe head over to the random shirt sale on Mediocritee
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So Meh

Be honest: were we to say “quintessential Meh product,” what would you think of? Some absolutely stupid shit, right?

Like, a Bluetooth speaker/pod coffee maker that looks like a pink grenade. Or a bunch of melted candy corn and a knife. Or a turkey basting kit… the day after Thanksgiving.

But we’d argue that a laminator is actually a perfect Meh offering. Is it funny? No. Is it totally ridiculous? No. Is it wildly un-timely? No. After all, there’s not really a ‘laminating season.’

But here’s the thing: it’s perfect for a daily deal site because it’s not just something you think you don’t need. It’s not something you think about at all. Like, a lot of you (and by ‘you’ I mean ‘me,’ by the way) know that there is such a thing as ‘lamination,’ and you therefore understand, abstractly, that there must be something that laminates stuff.

But you’re not about to go looking for a laminator.

Yet, when you see one for sale at less than thirty bucks, there’s a chance you’ll be like, “Hey, why not?”

Then your life as a serial laminator will start. Your flimsy paper dental insurance card? That inspirational poem you have hanging over your desk? The recipe you printed off the internet? It’s all going right into this laminator to be preserved forever more!

And by the way, we’re talking about laminators pretty generally here, but this is a solid one. It works without jams. It works quietly. And it features a paper trimmer and beauty cutter, for making your laminated items look pretty and professional.

So get one! It’s not even 30 bucks, and once you have it, you’ll be laminating EVERYTHING!

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