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Swiffer Continuous Air Purifier

  • Oh, I see: when Swiffer sweeps the air all day, it’s cool, but when I stand in the front yard sweeping the air with a broom for hours on end, it’s all, “Go back inside, Sean! That’s not helping, Sean! You’re scaring the children, Sean!”
  • Typical hypocrisy
  • Anyway, it quietly cleans the air all day, so you don’t have to clean the floors all night
  • It’s like a pre-emptive Swiffer
  • Model: SY1101NS, this looks like one of the joke-y ‘words with numbers’ ones we do, but it really isn’t
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What Comes Next?

Why did we launch Mediocritee? Well, for a couple reasons. First, we love artists and wanted to give them another venue at which to showcase their work. But that’s not just it. We also wanted to do something new, something different. And yet, we’re an irreverent deal site, so it’s not like we’re going to open an autobody or a beignet shop. In other words, we needed to do something new but also us.

Why are we mentioning this? Two reasons:

  1. Because if you haven’t checked out this week’s delightful seasonal designs, you really should, especially if you like cat shirts; and…

  2. Because we wanted to say that we get it.

Like, we get why Swiffer, a company that revolutionized the sweeping industry, would eventually decide to do something different. It’s just the natural progression of things. Brands must decide: do we do a single thing, or do we try and do new things?

Don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of brands that decided to branch out when they should’ve been happy to occupy their niche. Like, does anyone want an IHOP burger? Does anyone want a Subway pizza? Does anyone want a Roomba bidet?

Okay, fine: that last one doesn’t exist. Which is good. Which is our point: not everyone needs to do everything, and not every new innovation is a slam dunk.

And that’s what makes this Swiffer Air Cleaner so impressive. It basically is to the air purifier as the typical Swiffer is to a mop or a broom: the simple, intuitive, not-as-intense, cheap version. What does it do? It cleans the air so you don’t have to clean the floor or the tables as often. And it does so without making much noise (or using much electricity) at all.

Wow, yikes. This is getting way too sincere. So let’s back track. A Roomba Bidet? Would be gross, right?

Phew! That feels more like us!

Anyway, maybe got one of these!

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