Spirit Linen 6-Piece Ultra Soft Sheet Set

  • Very soft and breathable, easy to haunt and/or sleep in
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, as ghosts tend to be
  • Colors include Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Ivory, White, and Turquoise… classic ghost colors
  • Model: 6PCSOLID-STS, referring to famed protagonist Solid Sheet of Metal Sheets Solid
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Linen Spirits

You know, the bedsheet ghost used to be a respectable figure. There was a time where it really meant something. A time where it put fear in the hearts of men.

You run into a sheet ghost in an alley? You were pretty much a goner. It could easily have been either a real ghost or a robber dressed like a ghost. Neither of those options are great, although there have likely been less deaths attributable to ghosts than muggings in history. I don’t know for sure. I’m no statistician or mortician or any kind of -ician. Not even a magician.

What people don’t realize these days is that there was a reason why the bedsheet ghost became a thing in the first place, one rooted in a real fear of the walking dead.

The origin? None other than the burial shroud AKA grave clothes AKA mound shroud AKA burial sheets.

For centuries, the deceased were dressed in large sheets of fabric before getting put in the ground. As such, if someone claimed to have seen a dead man walking back then, it made sense to picture something like a skeleton or corpse in a long, flowing sheet of some sort.

Since burial shrouds in many cultures fell out of use over time, however, the connection started to fade while the imagery persisted. Eventually we get to a point where all that remains is a person standing around in a bedsheet or just a bedsheet itself floating and people will call it a ghost. And nowadays they’re just a joke! Cartoonish! Hokey!

I say it’s time to resurrect the bedsheet ghost! We’ll make it mean something again, be a figure of fear and respect!

Here, take these Spirit Linens and spread the good word.

Or maybe put them on your bed. They’re good for that too, I hear.

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