Shark UR2001 AI Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum with LIDAR and Home Mapping

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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

Legend has it that Darth Goofus possessed a special holocron that contained the sum of all his Sith knowledge and that of those before him. He kept it on his person at all times, closely safeguarded. Those who encountered him in-person mention seeing him frequently activating it at night in secret. If they attempted to ascertain its contents, however, he would reflexively close the device with a preternatural speed.

It is believed that after retrieving it, his successor almost immediately destroyed it, likely out of fear that its contents may fall into enemy hands. Some believe it was destroyed instead because upon using it, his successor found the holocron to be nothing but a large stash of lewd videos.

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