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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Men's or Women's

  • Sun bright
  • Glasses tinted
  • Now sun not so hurt
  • Choose between a variety of cool styles
    • Model: RB4171-647380-54, RB3211-0028G-38, RB4171-647180-54, RB3498-00271-61, RB3342-451-63, RB4171-86513-54, RB3449-0038G-59, because they’re all great options to wear when you go through the drive thru at Arby’s
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There Can Be Only Sun

The days are getting sunnier and sunnier. But do you need designer sunglasses?


Wait, sorry. That’s not the answer to the above question. That’s the answer to a simplified version of the above question, which is: do you need sunglasses?


Well, okay, fine. You can live without sunglasses. But take it from someone who once did a cross country road trip without them–they can sure come in handy. Unless you happen to prefer to see the world through a strobing, tearful squint.

So, let’s return to the initial question: do you need designer sunglasses?

No, of course not.

Any sunglasses with some good UV-protection will do the trick. Now, it’s up for debate whether super cheap dollar store shades will provide that for you. Which is to say nothing about the ones they gave to every attendee at the 8th Annual Kerning Expo you attended a few years ago, or the ones the sales rep was handing out at Saint Patrick’s Day 2014 that say Guinness Smooth Blonde Ale or something along the temples. You know what we’re talking about: the sunglasses equivalent of grocery store flip-flops.

What we’re getting at is, you don’t need designer sunglasses for the protecting-your-eyes-from-the-sun aspect of sunglasses. But you might want to have them for the looking-cool aspect of sunglasses. Not to mention, sometimes it just feels nice to have nice things and to be able to say, “Thanks! They’re Ray-Bans!” in response to the comment, “Whoa, great sunglasses!” instead of, “Oh, yeah! Thanks! I don’t know what brand they are because I got them on a strange website for 99 cents and when I paid they somehow posted an ad to my Facebook profile and tagged all 600 of my friends, but they’ve been pretty solid.”

In conclusion, you should buy some nice sunglasses if you want nice sunglasses. And these are nice sunglasses.

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