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Pulse NatureRain Dual-Head ShowerSpa

  • This is one showerful power head!
  • Wait, sorry.
  • It’s got a traditional shower head and an additional rain head, allowing for 11 distinct shower settings.
  • Super easy to install, and even easier to stand under.
  • ‘Silicone rub-clean soft tips’ mean you don’t have to worry about mineral build-up.
  • Model: 1038-CH. Did you know that ‘10-4,’ as in shorthand for ‘affirmative,’ is actually ‘10-40,’ only nobody pronounces the second zero? It’s true! In fact, 10-4 is actually the last vestige of linguist Joseph Byrnes’s failed attempt to create a universal language called Numerimonics. In said language, ‘10-38’ stood for ‘Hit the showers.’ The CH here is not in Numerimonics, but stands for Cold/Hot, which are both water temperatures with which this shower head is compatible. No, don’t Google it. Just trust us.
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Daughter Of The Clouds

“While others looked into the clouds and saw a variety of animals and faces, Julie-Anne Morgan, age 25, could make out only a husband.”

This was the opening line to her wedding announcement in the newspaper local to the small town in which she lived. Its printing took all by surprise, even her neighbors, family members, and closest friends. When pressed for more details on the mystery man, she said only, “Can’t you read? It’s all right there. I’m marrying a cloud.”

After a small private ceremony, the two moved to a cabin a ways up a nearby mountain. Julie-Anne liked it because it provided her with plenty of inspiration–she made a comfortable living painting expansive nature scenes-- and the cloud liked it because, though technically their house was ‘on the ground,’ it found the altitude more than hospitable.

Over the course of their marriage, they had three children. The first was a thunderstorm. Rebellious and with a fiery temperament, it left the cabin almost immediately following its birth to ruin picnics in the parks of a nearby city. Their second child was a fog. Far more relaxed and amiable it hung around the cabin for some time before moving to a nearby pond, where its parents could visit it a few time each year.

The third child was a girl who they named Indiana for the state over which her father had first formed. The youngest, and a born over-achiever, Indiana was forever looking for ways to make up for the lack of precipitation and humidity that characterized her siblings. She developed a skill for finding the perfect balance of hot and cold on any faucet and stopped–whenever she traveled down to the town where her mother had grown up–to “adjust” sprinklers so their spray was optimal for plant growth.

It was no surprise then, when after graduating at the top of her university class with a degree in engineering, that she founded a company to make shower heads. She burst onto the scene with an easy-to-install model boasting both a traditional head, a rain head, and 11 different showering settings.

When asked why she chose to name the company ‘Pulse’ she said, as nonchalantly as her mother had once answered questions about her mysterious husband-to-be: “Because it’s something that makes me feel special. It’s something that I have that my brothers don’t.”

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