Power to Go 11-Piece Pro Lens Kit with LED Light and Travel Case

  • Everything you need to take better phone pics
  • Helps your phone do the handful of things it can’t currently do
  • Quite a little kit if we’re being honest
  • Model#: Z00M-1N
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Lens You A Hand

Imagine your phone is the starship Enterprise.

Inside you have a whole little crew running around and doing all the ridiculous tasks we expect of smartphones these days.

“Captain! We’ve got tweets coming in from all sides!”

“Damn the tweets, lieutenant!! There’s 137 unread work emails here!”

“The tweets aren’t going to wait, captain! We’re being @‘ed and #’ed left and right!!”


[139 unread emails]

[145 unread emails]


It’d be a chaotic mess in there, is what we’re saying.

Because there’s nothing that modern humans enjoy more than taking previously unimaginable technological power and using it for silly bullshit.

But one thing we’re really getting the most out of is our phone cameras. Even if your phone has three cameras sticking out of one side, they’re still about the size of a few Skittles and yet somehow manage to take better photos than the $1,200 DSLR we all convinced ourselves we maybe needed at one point or another.

Phone cameras are almost perfect.


Their little digital software maneuvers and multi-lens hardware tricks are great, but there are a handful of things that they just can’t quite do.

Shooting things really close up is tricky. You can only do so much without a proper telescoping lens. Wide angles? Also tricky.

And lighting.

Phone camera flashes are okay, but there are still situations where they need a little help. It turns out that the same light that helps you find the TV remote under the couch doesn’t always create the perfect warm ambient glow your photography subject demands.

“We’re zooming all we can, captain! I’m a selfie cam, not a magician!!”

Anyway, there’s hardware that fixes all these problems and we put it in a bundle with a bunch of other handy stuff. You can have it for $20.

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