Pick-Your-Set: 14-pcs 11" x 14" Canvas Panels with Paints or Brushes

  • You get the fourteen piece panel set, and then you choose one of the following:
  • a twelve piece watercolor set;
  • OR an eighteen piece acrylic set;
  • OR a five piece paintbrush set;
  • OR…
  • Wait, that’s it; those are the choices
  • Model: P41NT-1T-50M3TH1N6
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To Be Or Not To Be (Productive)

Here’s what you get: a fourteen piece panel set along with either a) a twelve piece watercolor set; b) an eighteen piece acrylic set; or c) a five piece paintbrush set.

Here’s what else you get: something to pass the time.

Here’s what you don’t get: any pressure at all.

Remember early on in “these times” when some dingus Tweeted about how, under similar circumstances as the ones we all faced, Shakespeare wrote King Lear? AKA one of the most lauded works ever to be put to the page in the English language? As if that’s what we all should aspire to? Never mind the fact that Shakespeare didn’t have the internet there to distract him with weird TikTok dances to watch, or cat memes to share, or stupid tweets about Shakespeare to get mad about?

We mention this because we want to make it very clear we’re not being that guy. We understand the toxicity of productivity culture telling you that you must constantly be metabolizing your time into bankable skills. And so we don’t want you to buy an art set to paint a stunning still life, the center of which is a plate piled high with fresh Kirsa, the Sudanese fermented flatbread you learned to cook during months and months of staying home (but only after learning Arabic in order to read a truly authentic recipe).

On the other hand, we know that there are limits to lazy indulgence. A session sitting on the couch watching Netflix or playing a game on your phone is nice, and, in fact, can be healing. But after a while, the returns really start to diminish and you end up with that icky feeling of being exhausted from doing absolutely nothing.

Painting is the perfect middle ground between neurotic “self-improvement” and lethargic “self-care.” It gets you away from all the screens. It gives you a break from the internet. And it’s something you can focus on without really thinking about.

Oh, and another thing: there’s no barrier to entry. It’s calming and enriching whether you’re good at it or not. Did you really get into it, spending hours painting a cow skull floating in the vortex of space as a visual rendering of how lost you feel? Awesome! You just painted! Did you dip a brush into some black paint and make a big frowny face on the canvas? Awesome! You also just painted!

So grab one of these art sets and pass some of the long hours at home being exactly as creative and productive as you care to be.

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