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Pick-Your-2-Pack: Speks Blocks Brackets & Beams

  • You get to build a 2-pack of building toys
  • Get 2 packs of beams, 2 packs of brackets, or a pack of beams and a pack of brackets
  • We don’t want to tell you what to do, but that last option sounds the smartest
  • They stick together, because magnets
  • What are they for? Just goofing, buddy
  • Model: Blocks9BeamsGreen, Blocks9BeamsGrey, Blocks9BeamsPurple, Blocks9BracketsGreen, Blocks9BracketsGrey, Blocks9BracketsPurple, but we won’t Spekulate as to which model corresponds to which product
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It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

You know what’s so nice about Speks? They get it. They know what their stuff is good for, and they build their marketing around that. There’s no bullshit narrative about virtue or next-level thinking or any of that stuff. There’s only the basic truth.

Just watch this video:

What’s that set of hands doing with those Speks Blocks brackets and beams? Goofing around. Why? Because goofing around is fun.

And maybe this is just a little sad because it shows what we’ve come to see as normal. You sell enough drones that are “designed for selfies” or pod coffee machines with built-in bluetooth speakers or essential oil diffusers, and you start to just expect everything to have some dumb pseudo-scientific “the future is now” sales pitch. So, when a company that makes magnetic blocks doesn’t say they’re “great for exercising pre-arthritic joints” or “rearrangeable for endless Instagram potential,” you get excited.

And what’s funny is that Speks might actually have a legit case to make the sorts of bold claims that other brands flippantly toss out there without concerns for their validity. Like, having a toy to fiddle with might actually be good for your mental health. And a little semi-creative yet mostly mindless tinkering now and then might up your productivity, or make you happier, or improve your dexterity. Maybe.

But do they make such claims? No. They just show a set of hands doing cool stuff with them. Because that should be enough.

In conclusion, if you support honesty in marketing, you need to buy these Speks Blocks brackets and beams.

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