Pick-your-2-Pack: Electronic Reader with 8 Sound Books (Disney & More)

  • Each pack comes with 8 books and a thing that’ll read the stories out loud to your kids
  • So, 16 books and 2 module things
  • All your kid’s favorites: Paw Patrol, Sesame Street, Disney, Mickey Mouse
  • Model: R34D-4L0N6
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Not For Christmas

Will these arrive by Christmas? Like, maybe? But probably not. And that’s a good thing, actually!

Let us explain: with gifts, it’s all about timing and expectations.

You see, these bundles are cool. Each one includes eight illustrated books (so you get sixteen books total) and a sleek Me Reader Module that’ll read the stories aloud while your kiddo follows along. In other words, it actually helps your child learn to read while stimulating their imagination.

And therein lies the problem: this stuff is enriching. Give it to a kid for Christmas and they’ll either be frustrated that you dare sully the joyfully carefree waters of winter break with anything remotely educational, or they’ll look it for a few seconds and set it aside in favor of something more flashy and exciting.

But a little while after Christmas? When that yuletide high has faded and school is back in full swing? And all there is to look forward to is the occasional snow day or two-hour delay? If you give your kids these books then, you’ll basically be a hero! Because at that point they’re dealing with times tables and all sorts of other boring stuff. So some colorful books and a thing that reads stories about their favorite characters from Paw Patrol or Sesame Street or any number of other super popular children’s entertainment properties will be a more-than-welcome reprieve.

(And yes, this principle is not just for kids. It is universally applicable. Try giving someone a pair of funny socks at the office’s holiday party and then try giving someone else a pair at some random point in the year and compare their reactions. Or just show up with flowers for your spouse on a random day in October and measure the excitement level versus when you do the same thing on February 14th. It’s all about knowing what they expect when, and then subverting that expectation.)

So, again, these probably won’t arrive by Christmas. But even if they do, we say stash it away. It’ll be a better gift later.

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