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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra Interdental Cleaner Bundle

  • By launching mouthwash or water through your teeth at 111mph, the AirFloss is capable of doing the same thing as string
  • But seriously: it’s as good as flossing with string and a lot more fun
  • This one comes with a charging/filling station
  • The filling station means this thing will stay filled for 2 weeks, so you don’t have to open it and manually add mouthwash or water every damn day
  • Model: HX8452/90, because it is a Highly X-treme form of flossing
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Let The Machines Do It

There’s a thrill to the moving walkway in the airport, right? You get on that thing, you walk at a regular pace, and you feel like you’re flying! The only issue? It’s narrow. So if, say, Lawrence Cherono, winner of the 2019 Chicago Marathon, were trying to make a tight connection in O’Hare, he might have better luck avoiding the crowded moving walkway altogether, because he’d likely get stuck behind someone slower than him, thus rendering its benefit moot. But, this is an extreme case. For those of us who are either too tired or not able to walk without assistance, the moving walkway is great.

Why are we talking about marathoners and airports? To make the simple point: if you can do something super efficiently, you’ll be fine with the most basic gear. But a lot of us are not machines of efficiency. So we need efficient machines.

Like this Philips AirFloss. Basically, what we have here is the flossing equivalent of an electric toothbrush. And if you read that last sentence and thought, Uh, Meh, I’ve heard of a WaterPik before, that’s great. Except for one thing: *This is NOT a WaterPik. It doesn’t use a ton of water. Actually, it takes just about a tablespoon of either water or mouthwash to get the job done, because it launches that stuff real good and fast through your teeth:

The micro-droplets of air reach speeds of 111 mph/180 kph. At this speed the micro-droplets are hard and can physically disrupt plaque from the interproximal space. In addition to the physical disruption of plaque, the compressed air and water-droplets also help push the plaque out from between teeth.

To put it differently, it’s basically game 7 of the World Series between your teeth and plaque. Teeth are up 1, and it’s time to call in the closer to grab that save and secure that W.

Or if you’re a visual learner, here’s the AirFloss going straight John Wick on some teeth gunk:

Pretty cool, right?

Long story short: if you’re already a perfect flosser, you don’t need this. But if, like many of us, you require cool new gadgets in order to establish healthy habits, the AirFloss would be a smart investment.

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