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Philips Avance Smoke-Less Indoor Infrared Grill

  • Grilling season is coming
  • But it’s not here yet
  • So maybe get an infrared-powered, smoke-free indoor grill and enjoy a few burgers and a steak before the temperature gets over 45
  • The fat runs off, so it’s “healthy”
  • Model: HD6371/94, because this is going to give you some high def grill marks
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A Delightful Douglas Adams Inspired Dad Joke!

In honor of this Philips Indoor Grill–which uses infrared technology to cook healthy, delicious meals without smoke–and “Almost But Not Quite Entirely Unlike Tees”–two hilarious Hitchhiker’s Guide-related designs currently for sale on Mediocritee–we present:

A Delightful Douglas Adams Inspired Dad Joke!

Thus concludes:

A Delightful Douglas Adams Inspired Dad Joke!

(This design and another are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!)

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