Phase2 Energy PowerBlock 500W / 478Wh Portable Power Station

  • It’s a big ol’ battery that’ll power stuff while camping or when there’s a power outage or whatever
  • Choose between new and refurbished
  • Multiple outlets and USB ports
  • Very easy-to-read LCD
  • Can it make a margarita: See write-up
see more product specs

Packin' Power

Slack DM conversation, Sunday at 4:38pm

DAVE: Hey Sean. Looks like we’re missing a write-up and features for Monday’s product.
SEAN: ill haxve in just aminute
DAVE: Okay, great.
SEAN: ujst need to finis the testcase
DAVE: Test case?
SEAN: testcase scnario
DAVE: Seems like you just added another word there? That doesn’t really explain what you’re saying?
SEAN: abve and beyond, my guy
SEAN: likeabove the tree line lol
SEAN: milehigh margs
DAVE: ???
SEAN: u know whe have thethingg can it make a margaharita
SEAN: iwas like oh letr’s actuahlly see!
SEAN: soitook the powerblock some tequiola, ice, some mixr, an a blendrr hiking with me an iive stopped everyy mile to mkae one margrhita
DAVE: How many miles is the hike?
SEAN: 7miles
SEAN: lol loseyourself in the momint never letitgo
DAVE: That’s 8 mile.
DAVE: Wait, you’re having 7 margaritas?
SEAN: 7miles there, 7miles bk
SEAN: im halfaway back
SEAN: ithink lol
DAVE: You’ve had more than 7??
SEAN: plams r sweaty moms psghetti
DAVE: Again, 8 mile.
DAVE: Sean, this sounds really bad! Are you okay?
SEAN: imok
SEAN: Ihave th e powerblock soim fine
SEAN: got solarflares incase of an emrgecy
DAVE: No! It’s SOLAR-READY! As in it can attach to a solar panel that’s not included!
DAVE: Solar flares are a thing that happens with the sun, I think.
SEAN: uhno
SEAN: Thas not good
SEAN: dialup my powerlbkc to get my coordinats, pls, sen help
DAVE: I can’t do that! It’s literally just an enormous battery that can power stuff when you’re out camping or when there’s a power outage. It’s got outlets and ports and a nice LCD display, but I can’t “dial it up.”
SEAN: ok ok
SEAN: yikes
SEAN: ill havew some thinking jiuce nfigure out my nex move
DAVE: Thinking juice better not be another margarita.
SEAN: isnot
SEAN: outtamix an ice
SEAN: sojust tequiol
DAVE: Oh no.
SEAN: bujt i’ll runit thrhough the blednre
SEAN: 4sicience!!!

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