Perricone MD Advanced Firming Collection for Face & Eye

  • Two de-puffing gels, a facial cream for addressing all sorts of wrinkles, and a firming moisturizer
  • In other words, everything you need to delete all evidence of aging
  • From Perricone MD, which is legit stuff
  • Model: MD, which stands for "Most Definitelygoodfacialcareproducts**
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Face The Facts

So, Perricone MD is actually legit. It’s a trusted brand and you’re getting a good amount of stuff here: 2 de-puffing gels, a facial cream for addressing all sorts of wrinkles, and a firming moisturizer. It’s really everything you need.

Which is why it would make a great Mother’s Day gift! Then again, it likely won’t arrive by Mother’s Day, so if your mom’s a stickler for getting stuff THAT DAY then maybe not. Also, you probably only want to give it to your mom if she’s someone who already openly dabbles in the anti-aging cream game. Otherwise, it can feel a little bit like aggressively offering someone a breath mint. What exactly are you trying to say here?

But you can also get it for yourself! Even if you’ve never used this sorta stuff before. Hell, especially if you’ve never used this stuff before.

No one’s going to see you for a while, which means now’s the time to get a little experimental with your look.

Use a few new face creams! Try a new lotion! Try a new shampoo!

Tuck your shirt in if you usually wear it untucked! Untuck your shirt if you usually wear it tucked! Untuck just one side of your shirt! Untuck only the front or only the back!

Grow your hair out really long or shave it all off! Or shave half of it, grow the other half, and then braid it up into two braids so you have pigtails coming out of the side of your head!

Haven’t you always wanted to grow out a beard? A mustache? Haven’t you always wanted to shave your beard and apply the hair to the space between your brow to see what you’d look like with a unibrow? No? But you’re maybe a little curious now?

Take the coffee grounds after you’re done brewing and apply them as eye-black! Then crack open a red pen and paint it like you’re crying tears of blood! Then–

Wait, what’s that sound?

Oh, shit! It’s a Zoom call. That work meeting you forgot about.

Maybe leave your camera off for this one.

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