OXO Good Grips Pro 10-Piece Hard Anodized 3-Layer Nonstick Cookware Set

  • These here won the award for “Best Nonstick Skillets” by America’s Test Kitchen
  • Okay, it’s just the skillets that won the award… but we think it also speaks highly of the other pieces in this set
  • Includes 8-in and 10-in Skillets, 1 Qt and 2 Qt Saucepans with Lids, 3 Qt Sauté Pan with Lid, and 6 Qt Stock Pot with Lid
  • All-in-all a worthy contender in upgrading your cooking game for just 130 bucks
  • Is it Mac compatible: Oh, yeah, you can definitely cook a Mac in one of these
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A Pan-Do Attitude

Alright, it’s that night of the week, everyone! The night when we all come together in the kitchen and make dinner as a family!

First thing first, we gotta cook some broccoli. Terrance, would you grab the pot? You know, the one from my eccentric roommate two decades ago, way before I even met your mother, when I used to live in LA and was trying to make it as an actor? Yeah, the one from the guy who read a horoscope one day, and then the next morning, I found he’d left in the night, taking everything with him except for that one piece of cookware. Anyway, you’re gonna want to put on oven mitts. Because the broccoli needs to cook covered, and we dropped the pot recently and it got dented, and now the lid doesn’t quite fit, so you’re going to have to stand there and hold it down as best you can, okay?

Lizzie, do you mind getting the stock pot so we can boil water for the mashed potatoes? No, not the one uncle Rick brought over filled with chili for the surprise party, only he managed to insult my cousin Darla’s husband Martin because he wore aviator sunglasses–Rick said something about how they should only be worn by pilots or state troopers and not webmasters, I think?–and then he left in a huff, and his refusal to take the pot back is part of a broader strategy of pretending that day never happened. No, I was talking about the other stock pot.

Oh, right. That one’s in the basement, collecting water from the leaky pipe that the plumber looked at last week before saying he needed to get something out of his van, only to leave and never come back.

Uncle Rick’s it is then.

Honey, you go ahead and peel the potatoes. I’ll start on the salmon. Now, I want a crispy skin and our only frying pan is that weird nonstick one we won at the grocery store giveaway four years ago. Yeah, the one whose nonstick coating is now almost completely gone. How much oil do you think I should add to keep the fish from sticking? Make it an inch deep? Two?

I’m sorry, what did you say, honey? We should upgrade our cookware all at once by purchasing a good set at a steep discount from Meh?

But why? We have everything we need already!

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