Omega MeGo 1000 Watt Personal Blender

  • 1000 watts is as powerful as a lot of much bigger blenders.
  • But this isn’t a big blender, it’s a little guy
  • Blending vessels can be used as to-go cups (includes 2)
  • Everyone on MorningSave loves it,
  • One Mehtizen in particular hates it
  • Like its competition, the 600-watt Nutribullet, this is an on and auto-shutoff protection blender without buttons
  • Can it make margaritas: actually yes, yes it can!
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Let's Get Personal

You watch enough cooking shows and you get used to a certain type of plating.

The amazing-looking leek puree is a tiny smear at the bottom of an enormous bowl. The beautifully cooked pork belly is sliced into a one-inch-by-one-inch square and placed over top of it. This itself is topped with a tweezer’s worth of a delicious, lightly-dressed arugula salad. And then, at the bowl’s edges, is piped five dime-sized dollops of the from-scratch garlic-basil cream sauce.

It’s beautiful, really. A great use of white space.

And yet, when you’re cooking for one, the white space–aka, the empty part–is depressing. Making enough dressing for a single salad? That’s gonna fill the bottom twelfth of your mega blender. Warming up enough tomato sauce for yourself? It’s gonna be like a quarter-inch deep in your dutch oven, if that.

And this is honestly the best-case scenario. Because the other thing that can happen is you load up that mega-blender, or that dutch oven, or whatever. Then all of the sudden you’ve got enough dressing or sauce or what-have-you to last a family of four for two weeks.

What we’re saying is, sometimes it’s nice to have the right-sized tool for the job. And that’s what this Omega MeGo Blender is.

It’s got some real friggin’ power. We’re talking a 1000 watt motor that’ll turn anything–vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens, ice, etc.–into a silky smooth liquid. And it’s built for one.

That means no more going to pour that smoothie and finding out that your breakfast is actually only about four ounces (or, conversely, eighty-four ounces). Because you literally can’t under- or over-fill it. Also, because there’s no pouring involved. You just juice all that fruit and then use the blending vessel as a to-go cup. Hence the on-the-go label.

It’s no wonder the people of MorningSave love it so much.

(And we get it if you’re asking yourself the entirely reasonable question of, if these are really so good, why do we have them for such a low price? So we’ll give you a peek behind the curtain: one of our buyers bought a bunch of these to sell on TV, thinking they had the best price around, only to find, after the items arrived in the warehouse, that there were better prices out there than anticipated. Hence, we ended up with an excess. And we’re passing the savings onto you!)

So grab one for yourself today. And by “yourself” we really mean “yourself.” Because with this thing, it’s personal.

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