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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

Goofus, heavily drunk, once found a gorgeous Mirialan in a bar asking around for information on a powerful Sith Lord rumored to be instigating conflict in a nearby system.

“Oh yeah, he’s super powerful,” he replied with a wink, in truth referring to himself.

“You know of him?”

“Um, yeah, I do,” Goofus admitted, obviously trying to impress her despite maintaining what he likely thought was a chill and laidback demeanor. “Why, you wanna meet him? I can, you know, get you an audience if you want.”


“Yeah. We’re totally cool.”

It was with this encounter that Goofus literally told a Jedi Knight the location of his master’s secret sanctum.

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