Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Hard-Anodized 12-piece Cookware Set (Refurbished)

  • A bunch of totally rad cookware
  • Refurbished? Yes, we do have to call it that!
  • Never stick, not nonstick (i.e. the coating doesn’t wear off)
  • Includes 2.5qt, 3.5qt & 6.5qt saucepans with lids, 8" fry pan, 12" fry pan, 10.25" fry pan w/ lid, and a 5qt sauté pan with lid
  • Do they celebrate iconic fictional hot rods: no, for that you’ll have to head over to Mediocritee
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Totally Refurbished

Remember with old TV series, how some weeks you’d tune in, excited for a juicy new episode, only to find it was a clip show? Just a series of scenes and jokes you’d already enjoyed?

Well, that’s what we’ve got here today. A clip show. Or maybe it would be called a quote show? Then again it’s not really a show, is it?

Look, the point is, we’re gonna build this write-up from some things we’ve already said, as well as some stuff from Ninja’s marketing copy.

Let’s start with this little bit from our May 13th write-up. We were selling a refurbished Shark vacuum and we’d gotten off on what we’d call, for legal reasons, a totally tangential discussion of what happens when the packaging gets damaged before an item makes it to sale. In that write-up we said:

And so, if [the box is] damaged, you have to say the product is damaged even if the actual product hasn’t been harmed. And that’s just if it’s something like pots and pans.

The implication here is that you wouldn’t say that pots and pans are “refurbished.” And yet, here we are, not even two weeks later, selling “refurbished” pots and pans. And to be fair, we were right. Calling pots and pans “refurbished” sounds really stupid. It’s not like they have to clean all the batteries and computer chips or whatever. It’s cookware!

So, how has this cookware been refurbished? We can’t say, but we’ll once again refer you back to that write-up about a refurbished vacuum where we spent the whole time talking about busted boxes with totally fine products inside. Wink, wink.

The next quote to share comes from just a few days ago, when we sold a roasting pan. There, we made this observation about nonstick cookware:

Most of the time, you get a “nonstick” pan that is as advertised for a couple months, after which the coating gets old, turning it into the stickiest pan ever.

Now, we thought we were going to have to backtrack here and talk about how rad nonstick actually is. But it turns out we don’t have to. Because this isn’t nonstick. It’s “never stick.” What’s the difference? Well, according to Ninja:

Super-heated at 30,000°F, plasma ceramic particles are fused to the surface of the pan, creating a super-hard, textured surface that interlocks with our exclusive coating for a superior bond.

The result is a pan that:

Won’t rapidly lose its non-stick coating like traditional pots and pans can.

Sounds cool, huh? And if we’re honest, maybe a little scary too. 30,000 degrees is a lot of degrees! Still, if it works, heat it up.

And speaking of heat, this is one HOT deal! So grab your “refurbished” cookware set today!

(Look, it’s hard to end these things sometimes, okay?)

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