Multi-Pack Sweet Defeat Last-of-the Anti-Sugar Bundles

  • Some sprays and some gum
  • Both are designed to make sweet stuff taste gross
  • And if sweet stuff tastes gross, you’re likely to turn down seconds
  • That is how these… DEFEAT THE SWEET!
  • Model: 834T-TH3-5W33T
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Victory Over Sugar Is At Hand

Most things are fine in moderation.

That’s a truth we’re all aware of, and one that ultimately leads many of us to lie to ourselves. Because we see a big bag of peanut M&Ms in the cupboard and we think, A handful of those isn’t gonna give me a stomach ache. And that’s totally true!

What is also totally true is that we’re probably not going to stop at one handful. No, with that first taste, we become like the shark from a movie. You know, the one brought close to shore by some flukey tides who develops an appetite for human blood after snacking on one stray swimmer, and on the eve of the annual “Surf Classic,” no less, when professionals and amateurs alike flock to the beach, all trying to ride an elusive water tunnel to glory.

Uh, wait, sorry… what were we talking about again?

Oh, that’s right! Snacking! Our point is, as culinary philosopher Julius Pringle once said, “Once you pop, you can’t stop!” Unless, of course, you have something that reprograms your flavor receptors so that your favorite sweet treat tastes rancid.

That’s what these sweet defeat products do. Now, we took a closer look at how they work the first time we offered them, but the tl;dr version is this: you give the spray a spritz into your mouth, or you chew the gum, and it makes sweet stuff taste real friggin’ nasty. And if something tastes real friggin’ nasty, you’re way less likely to go back for seconds.

(And just to clarify, yes, this is just the gum and the spray. Previously, when we’ve sold this stuff, we’ve included the lozenges, but we’re out of those. This is all we have left.)

Is this stuff for you? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you’ve got a problematic sweet tooth and you’re looking for a way to curb your snacking, maybe give it a try. It’s a lot cheaper here than it is anywhere else, that’s for sure.

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