Motorola Sonic Maxx Portable 40W TWS Wireless Party Speaker w/ LED Lighting

  • 40-watts and dual subwoofers to bump extra hard
  • Up to 20 hours play time per charge!
  • Portable at under 7lbs but mighty in sound for tailgating and other events
  • Includes a microphone if karaoke is your thing
  • Or you can use it to make announcements, or do a reading, or whatever
  • Pair two of the Sonic Maxx ROKR 810 speakers together in stereo or mono for more sound in more places
  • The lights sync to the music you’re playing, which is neat
  • Can it make margaritas: No, but if you have a few margs, you’ll definitely want to use this thing
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Speech! Speech! Speech!

“Larry! My man! Welcome to the party! Whoa! What is that thing? A karaoke speaker?”

“I prefer to be called Lawrence on days like today.”

“‘Days like today’?”

“Days when I am going to perform. And yes, to answer your question, it’s a 40-watt Bluetooth speaker with a karaoke microphone and an LED light system that syncs to the rhythm of your music. Technically.”


“But I brought it so I could use it in my performance.”

“Your… karaoke performance?”

“My poetry performance. You see, despite the marketing, it’s actually just a great speaker for when you need to say something and be heard. And you can pair two together, for even better sound. Here, take a look at the video on the manufacturer’s website. I’ll load it on my phone. It gives a great rundown of the product’s many features.”

“Sorry, Larry, but–”


“Right, Lawrence. Could we backtrack a second? You’re going to perform poetry?”

“It’s just what I always do at parties: read some of my freeform haikus.”

“Oh, okay. So they’re short.”

“That’s not what I said.”

“But they’re haikus.”

Freeform haikus. Meaning I don’t conform to any strict syllable guidelines.”

“Then how are they haikus?”

“It’s about being in a haiku state of mind while writing them, really.”

“So, you’re just going to read some poems? At my party?”

“Well, poems are only part of the performance, really. The other part is the music I play while I’m reading the poems.”

“Oh, great! Music! That’s much more in line with a party vibe.”

“The songs are my own static-core compositions.”


“Yes. You know radio static?”


“So, I take that.”


“And I play it.”




“That’s it.”

“You know, sad news, Larry, err, Lawrence. I forgot to mention! The party’s actually canceled, so if you want to head home–”

“Then who are all these people?”

“They’re… uhh… here to fix the stove.”

“All of them?”


“And why are they dancing?”

“Larry, just get out of my house, okay? But if you want to leave that speaker behind…”

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