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Monster 12-Outlet Surge Protector with USB, Ethernet, & Coax

  • Through some sorcery, these convert a single outlet into 12.
  • There’s also USB ports, and ethernet ports, and coax ports.
  • When will you have your fill, Monster?
  • When will this sick game of multiplication end?
  • Model: 0UT-L3T-1T-B3.
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An Unsolvable Dilemma

Sorry all. I know you’re looking for some insight on today’s product, and I hate to hijack this for myself… but I need your help.

Let me explain: in the kitchen of my house, I have a shelf. On the shelf is my toaster oven and my microwave. Next to the shelf is a wall outlet. My fridge is plugged into the bottom. That leaves only other slot for either the microwave or the toaster. So which should I plug in?

On the one hand, I really do like toast in the morning for breakfast, and when it comes to reheating pizza, the toaster oven far outpaces the microwave. On the other hand, the microwave is just more convenient and versatile. For example, it would be weird to thaw out frozen soup in a toaster oven. And I have lots and lots of frozen soup!

I know what you’re thinking: just unplug the fridge. But it might surprise you to learn that I use the fridge nearly every day. Also the taste of meat that hasn’t been refrigerated is a real turn-off for me, even after I cook it in the stove, which is another appliance I have. I know, I know! Typical picky millennial! But I am who I am.

I thought about moving the microwave to the free outlet I have in the bathroom, but it’s such a small room that when I heat up broccoli it really stinks the place up! Pee-yew!

This is why I need your help. I can’t figure this out on my own. So, please, tell me which one I should plug in: my toaster or my microwave.

That is, unless there’s some miraculous third option! Lol! Just kidding! That’s one of those crazy silly jokes that we’re known for at Meh. Anyway, I appreciate your help in advance! While I await your replies, I will prepare the pyre for the sacrifice of whichever appliance doesn’t make the cut.

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