Meh Unisex Short Raglan Sleeve Shirts

  • Multi-sleeve design
  • Head hole for increased vision
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Hey, Joe here. I used to run the Meh warehouse, but now? Well, I’ve taken over the whole site! So, stick around for a fun day of deals, delights, and dolls! (Seriously, though, there will be lots and lots of terrifying dolls.)

You know what? I don’t think I can do this.

Or, that’s not exactly right. I absolutely can do this. Seriously, have you seen this site? Any friggin’ lunatic could run things as well as the previous higher-ups.

What I’m saying is: I don’t want to do this anymore. I sold a lot of dolls today, which means my collection is depleted. I gotta get back in the lab and start making some new friends.

If that means relinquishing control and heading back to the warehouse, so be it! That’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Anyway, thanks all for hanging out with me today. Hopefully you had fun, got some good stuff, and maybe even took home a doll.

And if you did: take good care of it. And don’t worry if you hear faint sounds of child-like laughter whenever you’re in the room with it. That’s probably, like, an issue with your AC or something.

So far today...

  • 60355 of you visited.
  • 44% on a phone, 3% on a tablet.
  • 730 clicked meh
  • on this deal.

And you bought...

  • 35 of these.
  • Deal ended .
  • That’s $383 total.
  • (including shipping)

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