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A Wardrobe Meh-lfunction

MEMO TO: all employees
SUBJECT: dress code reminders

Here at Meh, we strive to put forward a message of fun. But while being a little ‘goofy’ and making ‘jokes’ is part of our DNA, we’d like to remind all employees that we are a professional place of work, and therefore must maintain certain dress code requirements. For this reason, we ask you to review the following policies that we feel have gone overlooked in recent months:

  • Fedora Friday is not optional. Furthermore, we have noticed that those who actually partake in it appear to do so in a way that strikes us as ironical. We want to stress: there is nothing ironic about Fedora Friday. They are beautiful hats, and we mean them to be respected. Thus, the Fedora Fridays will continue until we sense sincere appreciation among the majority of our staff.

  • Since the acquisition of the company bull, wearing anything red is at each employee’s own discretion, and any injuries incurred due to red attire are neither the fault of Meh, legally, nor is the treatment of them covered by our insurance.

  • While novelty lapels that squirt liquid are not just tolerated but encouraged, we do require that said novelty lapels be filled with something nice. Like cucumber water, for example. Or something infused with aloe and lavender. That way, the spritzer can enjoy a good prank, whereas the spritzed can be refreshed.

  • Meh shirts are prohibited inside Meh headquarters during the workday but required to be worn everywhere else and at all other times. Also, employees must be ready to briefly explain to all within earshot the general business model and current deal. Megaphones are available upon request and for only a nominal paycheck deduction.

That is all for now. Please sign and date this memo to acknowledge you read and understood it. Then, place in the mail sack carried throughout the office by Terrance, the aforementioned company bull.


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