Loowoko 15-Watt Qi Wireless Charging 3-in-1 Mat OR 2-Pack Valets or Pads

  • The mat is a 3-in-1 15-watt wireless charger built for your Apple stuff
  • The 2-packs of charging valets and charging pads deliver 7.5W to 15W fast wireless charging (based on what you’re charging)
  • Each of them come with fast charging blocks (1 with the mat, 2 with the valets and pads)
  • What do these have to do with DnD: Nothing, so if you’re looking for that kind of stuff, please head over to Mediocritee
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Charge It To The Game

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just playing a game on my phone.”

“Nice! What game is it? I could use something new to do on the bus ride to work.”

“It’s called Battery Drainer 5. Basically, there’s a button on the screen and you tap it rapidly to drain the battery as fast as you can.”

“The battery in the game?”

“No, your phone’s real battery. And the more you click, the more you unlock cool upgrades, so you can drain your battery even faster. Like, for example, I just unlocked the auto-tapper. Now, the game taps the button for me.”

“Wait, but why are you actively trying to drain your battery?”

“Well, you see, Meh had a sale recently. I could get either a Loowoko 15-Watt 3-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Mat or a two-pack of Fast Charge Valets. Optimized for Apple stuff, the mat has a wide surface area, so I could fit my phone and my AirPods on it. Plus, there’s a space just for my Apple Watch. The valets, meanwhile, offer a sizable area–though not as big as the mat–and a nice fast charge. Oh, also, there were charging blocks: one with the mat, two with the valets. I decided, hell! Let’s go all out! So I got the mat AND the two valets. And with so many charging options, it’s almost like I have to play Battery Drainer 5 all day!”

“Sorry, I’m confused. Did you get the charging pads so you can play Battery Drainer 5 more? Or do you play Battery Drainer 5 so you can use the charging pads more?”


“No, I was asking–”

“Yeah, yeah. Listen, I can’t really talk right now. This button isn’t going to tap itself.”

“But you said before that you unlocked–”

“Putting in my earbuds now.”

“There’s an audio component?”


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