Libratone Zipp 360° Bluetooth/WiFi Speaker with Airplay 2

  • Et tu, Airplay 2?
  • Basically, you can stream to multiple speakers from one device, stream multiple things to different speakers from one device, pair speakers together for stereo sound, etc.
  • Crisp 360 degree sound (those are directional degrees, not the temperature kind)
  • 100 watts of power, 10 hours of playtime
  • Model: L18R4T0NY-T0N1-TON3
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Our Verdict: It's Good

High quality speakers like this are so incredibly advanced that there are bound to be some misunderstandings about their functionality. That’s why we decided to do a little investigating so as to break down which claims regarding the Libratone Zipp’s performance are true, and which might be exaggerations. Here we go:

Claim: The Libratone Zipp boasts an impressive 100 watts of power, 12 hour playtime, crisp 360 degree sound, and features Airplay 2.

Our Verdict: True! The Libratone Zipp sounds great, can go for hours without a charge, and its Airplay 2 allows for extreme versatility. Stream to multiple speakers in multiple rooms from one device. Or stream different things to different speakers also from the same device. You can even pair two speakers together to function in stereo. (And if you don’t want to mess with any of that, it’s cool; you can just use the Libratone App or good ol’ bluetooth.)

Claim: The Libratone Zipp features Chairplay 2, meaning it can move itself freely throughout your house when placed on a rolling desk chair.

Our Verdict: False. When placed on a rolling chair, the Libratone Zipp is merely a speaker on a chair.

Claim: The Libratone Zipp is very well reviewed, scoring high marks from such sites as Tech Radar, Tom’s Guide, and ExpertReviews.

Our Verdict: True! Tech Radar gives it 4 out of 5 stars, saying “The Libratone Zipp is beautifully designed and sounds excellent.” Tom’s Guide also gives it 4 out of 5 stars, concluding “For a portable wireless speaker, the Zipp is packed with technology — including multiroom capabilities — and delivers well-balanced sound.” And ExpertReviews scores it a perfect 5 out of 5: “The Libratone Zipp can extend multiroom music even into your garden, and the 360 sound is great.”

Claim: Craig Klideson, host of the YouTube channel “Craig Eats Speakers,” called the Libratone Zipp “among the saltiest speakers ever,” but went on to say that “the creamy notes of the woofer balance out the seasoning nicely.”

Our Verdict: Unclear. The YouTube channel appears not to exist anymore and perhaps never did. Furthermore, someone who deconstructs and eats speakers is likely going to have a very different palate than one who does not, so take any opinions on the Libratone Zipp’s taste with a grain of salt (though perhaps not literally, in case Craig’s right).

Claim: Our price is $161 lower than Amazon’s.

Our Verdict: True! Wait, seriously? $161? Are we sure we want to do that? That seems like a lot of money to be missing out on. You might want to buy this before someone higher up reconsider…

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