LegacyBox Digital Conversion Kits

  • You don’t want to invest a ton of money into a super good scanner just to digitize a few photos
  • LegacyBox will do it for you
  • You just choose your option, label your photos/reels/tapes, send them in, and get the digitized copies a short time later
  • Good for people who are bad at computers but love nostalgia
  • Model: L464CY-Y0UN6
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Digital Memories

Okay, we’re going to get around to LegacyBox in just a minute, I swear. But first, I want to complain about something.

This time of year, I watch a fair amount of baseball, and since I don’t have cable, I do this via an MLB.TV subscription. In a lot of ways, it’s great. The Roku app is very well designed, the picture is good, I can choose my announcing team, etc.

But then, eventually, the game reaches the end of an inning or there’s a pitching change or what have and it cuts to commercials. As is the case with so many streaming services, it seems as though the MLB has lined up a whopping three sponsors whose ads play about two hundred times each during the course of a single game. These are then supplemented by “flashbacks”: quick clips highlighting great MLB plays from over the years.

Now, are these better than the commercials? Of course. And yet, I’ve noticed something recently: most of these plays are not from over the years at all, but rather, over the year, singular. And many of them are from some such distant times as June 2021, or even just earlier in July 2021.

And don’t get me wrong, there are some very impressive plays in there. But isn’t one of the major appeals of baseball its vast history? The NL was founded in 1876, for crying out loud! Since then, there have been dozens upon dozens of vastly different eras, each replete with a colorful cast of folksy oddballs and ridiculous unwritten rules. So why am I stuck seeing nothing but stuff that happened this past summer with an occasional Ortiz grand slam here and there?

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to all this. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred should look into working with LegacyBox. It’d be so easy! He’d just drive out to the warehouse where they keep all the dusty film reels and photographs of Napoleon Lajoie, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, and Tyrus Raymond Cobb, and he’d label them all, send them to LegacyBox, and then receive digitized copies of those artifacts to play/show between innings.

Then again, he probably won’t. After all, baseball only looks to change things after it’s too late.

But you don’t have to be like the MLB! You can digitize your own stuff easily with these offerings from LegacyBox!

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