Kitchen Articles English to Hindi Translation Poster

  • An Indian Educational Poster can spruce up even the dreariest room
  • Learn Hindi and/or English words for different items in your kitchen
  • Learning has never been so… fun?
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Hey, Joe here. I used to run the Meh warehouse, but now? Well, I’ve taken over the whole site! So, stick around for a fun day of deals, delights, and dolls! (Seriously, though, there will be lots and lots of terrifying dolls.)

We got these initially because we thought they might inspire the sentient bluetooth speakers in the warehouse to learn to cook. But it didn’t work.

And now the speakers can boss us around in multiple languages.

So far today...

  • 60355 of you visited.
  • 44% on a phone, 3% on a tablet.
  • 547 clicked meh
  • on this deal.

And you bought...

  • 27 of these.
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  • That’s $171 total.
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