KingArt 48 Gel Stick Crayons and 7"x10" 60 Page Mixed Media Pad

  • Everything you need to put colorful gel ink on paper
  • Crapload of colors for your every artistic whim
  • Tons of paper for when inspiration strikes
  • Model: 5CULPT1NG-15-H4RD
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Let your inspiration flow

Probably 80 percent of artistic creativity is just a matter of having the right tools and supplies around. If you have a stack of video games and some cheesy poofs next to a comfy chair, it’s natural enough to spend half the day pwning n00bs. Michelangelo, on the other hand, once pushed aside a stack of empty pizza boxes and found his 20-foot-high block of unused marble.

In one case, the day was mostly wasted. In the other, we get a statue of David that will be making dudes feel bad about their abs and good about some other proportions for the next 1000 years. What a difference having the right supplies can make.

Well, today’s deal is crayons and really nice paper. Michelangelo didn’t have crayons and nice paper. That’s probably why he had to toil away, ruining his back painting chapel ceilings while failing to produce even a single noticeable example of one of those cool S designs filled in with colorful gel pens.

And just like ol’ Mikey probably didn’t know what he was going to do with that giant block of stone when he dragged it home from the quarry or whatever, you can order yourself this awesome set of crayons and paper, then wait for inspiration to strike.

Your muse will come. And it will demand gel pens.

Be ready.

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