King Art 63-Piece Canvas, Paint, and Brush Set

  • You get 14 8"x10’ canvas panels
  • You get 25 brushes
  • You get 24 acrylic or watercolor paints
  • If there’s anything else you need to do some painting, we haven’t heard of it
  • Model: WH3R3-4RT-TH0U
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It's An Art Kit

Yes, we’re calling this a “set,” but in some ways it’s more of a “kit”: a painting starter kit, to be exact.

We make this distinction because, in our minds, a “set” is just a bunch of stuff. It’s slightly more coherent than, say, a “bundle” and is far less strict than a “pack,” which is a set of all the same thing, and which, paradoxically, can be contained within a set. For example, you get a pack of canvases in this set.

But the word “kit” means something else: it implies you get everything you need to do or make a given thing. After all, what sounds more complete: a kit for building a shed, or a set of shed-related materials? A meal prep kit, or a set of ingredients? A home brewing kit, or a set of things used in the brewing process?

In other words, a kit makes it so that you have just one decision to make: do I want this thing or not? And that’s good. Because seeking out individual pieces can lead you to become overambitious.

After all, if you’re going to make a shed, shouldn’t you make it out of the best wood? And if you’re going to make chicken parm, don’t you want the fanciest possible cheese? And if you’re going to brew beer, isn’t it worth it to splurge on something to boil the… wort… or whatever? Never mind the fact that the closest thing to construction you’ve ever done is build a Lego set. Or that you mostly “cook” frozen pizza and bowls of cereal. Or that you’re about to use all that snazzy brewing equipment to make a sour beer, but not on purpose, and not the delicious sweet kind the beer nerds seem to love these days.

No, you’ll believe you deserve the best, even if you, quite frankly, do not. And then you’ll add all those best things to your cart. And you’ll see the final price tag. And you’ll panic. And you’ll spend twenty minutes trying to find the stuff that’s right at the center of value and quality, before eventually giving up and scrapping the project altogether.

Don’t do that. Buy a kit. Like this one. It’s got everything you need to exercise your creativity. That means you don’t have to go to an art store and talk about paper weight or whatever. You can just get this delivered to your doorstep, open up the box, and start knocking out some beautiful (or maybe not so beautiful, but at least satisfying) art.

Only thing missing is a set of instructions, but we think you’ll figure it out.

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