King Art 43-Piece Fineliner Brush Pens, Black Assorted Nib Pens & Watercolor Pad

  • The brush tips make it look like you used real water colors
  • The fineliner tips are perfect for detailing… or just doodling
  • That pad? Its paper is THICCC!
  • No soak through, no mess, all art
  • Model: K1N6-M3
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Less Water, Same Color

Being creative is great. It engages your brain while distracting you from the crushing existential dread that comes along with being human. Or, at least, gives you an outlet for that dread. This is why artists are known to be among the happiest, most stable people around!

The problem with being creative? It’s a fucking mess. Try to branch out and cook something new, and your reward is an entire dishwasher full of mixing bowls and a counter covered in flour. Ceramics? You’re literally playing with mud. Even something like writing a novel is going to end with a hard drive full of documents containing all the stuff you rewrote or cut but were too afraid to delete altogether just in case you need it later. Or, you know, so I’ve heard.

And water color? Forget it. That breezy, effortlessly flow-y look is only achieved with a bunch of WAP (wet-ass paint) that’s bound to get EVERYWHERE!

Which is unfair, if you think about it. Like, if you lay on the couch watching British reality television, there’s no cleanup required. Same goes for playing games on your phone all day. And when you’re done with takeout, you can just recycle or toss the containers. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t you be rewarded for seeking personal enrichment over unhealthy indulgences?

Well, you’re not. Because the universe isn’t fair.

But you can take things into your own hands. By investing in this art set, for example. The brush pens allow you to achieve that watercolor look without the typical watercolor mess. The nib pens are perfect for detailing. And the pad has 30 sheets of heavy duty paper that won’t soak through with real water color (which means you’ll have no problem at all with the aforementioned brush pens).

So buy a set and enjoy the tranquility of making art without the stress of a future mess.

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