K-Cup Coffee Choose Your Brand & Flavor (Harry & David, Jim Beam, Entenmann's)

PER CUP PRICE $0.30 - $0.33

  • Powerful taste with K-Cup convenience
  • Your choice of brand
  • Your choice of flavor
  • Comes in 72 and 80 count assortments (depending on what you pick)
  • Model: 510W-Y0UR-BR3W
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Pinkies up.

Here’s the thing about the K-Cup life: it changes you.

Most other methods of getting coffee into your system involve a certain amount of effort. Some people revel in the ritualistic and tactile experience of, say, operating a French press. Others enjoy the process of chatting with a barista to get a specialty roast that’s been burned just enough to complement the smell of the $5 bill you just lit on fire.

Heck, even if all you do is make a big old pot at home, you’re still dumping grounds and swapping filters, which will at least slow you down enough to make you reconsider your life choices if you’re turning the corner into pot number two at 10:15 a.m.

The point is that most of us aren’t going to sit there and run a gallon of coffee through the press or make awkward pickup window small talk with an increasingly judgmental barista four times in one morning.

Now back to K-Cups. There is literally nothing to stop you from just ripping through K-Cups all day long. With maybe four seconds of effort and twenty seconds of waiting, your next cup of coffee is ready for you. In fact, you can make and drink one in less time than it takes for the last one to kick in, creating a potentially terrifying feedback loop that begins with the jitters and ends with you texting old high school buddies with this awesome idea for a tech startup that’s going to seem a lot less world-changing in the morning. Up know, tomorrow morning, when you swear off coffee, slam some aspirin, then throw another K-Cup into the machine and hit BREW all over again.

This is what happens when you have boring K-Cup flavors that are devoid of personality. When quality and variety are low, we tend to make up the difference with quantity.

Don’t do that. We don’t want to hear about your tech startup any more than the under-caffeinated group chat does. We just want you to be happy, sipping away at tasty coffee in reasonable quantities.

Which brings us to today’s deal. If you want coffee that tastes like dessert, we’ve got coffee that tastes like dessert. If you want something fancy from Harry & David, we’ve got something fancy from Harry & David. And if the first thing you want to taste in the morning includes just a subtle hint of Kentucky bourbon, yep…we’ve got that, too.

Pick your brand, then pick your flavor. We’ll send it to you.

Enjoy responsibly.


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