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iRobot 655 or 805 Robotic Vacuum (Refurbished)

  • You might think the 805, being of a higher number, would be the better and thus more expensive Roomba.
  • But what if we told you…
  • That this is actually exactly the case?
  • Models: 655 & 805. Am I totally sure that those are the actual model numbers? No, but c’mon, Roomba, not everything has to be so fucking complicated!
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King Roomba

Hello fellow Roomba-owners! I’m so happy to find this forum of like-minded robot vacuum enthusiasts. As you have so quickly dispatched many of the issues others have run into, I was wondering if you could help me with mine. Here are the details:

I am the proprietor of a small museum. One of our most prized possessions is–or was; more on that in a moment–the cremated remains of a little known ancient king in a decorative urn. Our last four night janitors quit after seeing said urn levitate off its pedestal, the act of which was accompanied by what they described as a “ghastly howling.” At any rate, the turnover was starting to be a real problem, so we purchased a Roomba instead. This worked perfectly, until last Thursday. While the Roomba was cleaning, the urn fell to the ground, shattering and spreading the cremated remains everywhere. The Roomba’s Patented Dirt Detect technology sensed it, it made it’s way over, and well…

I now believe our Roomba is now possessed by the soul of the forgotten king.

As such, it rarely moves from its charging base, which I’m pretty sure it thinks of as its throne. Once I did manage to coax it out by laying a number of grapes in front of it and fanning it with palm fronds. Another time, it moved from its base, but rather than cleaning up the fairly thick layer of dust that had accumulated, it just sort of spread it around, drawing on the floor what looked like a plan an elaborate tomb.

Generally, I’ve been a fan of the Roomba’s versatility: how it can follow a schedule, how it can navigate through and around furniture, its auto-adjust cleaning head, etc. I do fear that, with the addition of the king’s soul, it may have become too intelligent. For example, I believe it has learned to use the phone, as yesterday a man showed up with a truck full of large smooth stones and a number of ropes, saying someone had called him and given him the address of my museum. I imagine it wants me to use the materials to construct the aforementioned tomb.

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations? Should I just build the tomb? Should I try restarting it? Any and all feedback appreciated!


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