3-Pack: Honora Pearl Earrings

  • Three pairs of real pearl earrings for twelve dollars: if you love someone who wears earrings, or if you ever hope to, it’s a no-brainer
  • Choose which color collection you want: “silver box” with white, light pink, and peacock pearls; or “black box” with white, blue, and lavender
  • Freshwater cultured pearls measure 8-9mm in diameter and 8-9 on the “whoa!” gift scale
  • Elongated shepherd’s hooks in Sterling Silver or gold plate, not recommended for herding sheep
  • Honora is a family-owned company that has been in the pearl biz for more than 65 years and is the largest importer of freshwater pearls in the USA, so pearls are kind of, like, their thing
  • Model: 160552, 160553 (not much use in Google, nothing going on descriptively, but half a point for at least being consecutive)
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Now you can forget about Valentine's Day.

That’s our gift to you. If there’s a lady you love, you’re free to spend the next month blissfully unaware of the looming obligation. No pangs of panic when you see the pink-and-red decorations at the store. No “oh, shit, what day is it?” glances at the calendar. Just four solid weeks of the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got this nailed down.

Consider it a bonus feature of this set of Honora Pearl Earrings. The object of your affection will get three pairs of real 8-9mm freshwater pearl earrings - one pair each in three different colors, depending on which set you choose - on easy-to-wear elongated shepherd’s hooks, each in their own little box. You’ll get a low-stress pleasure cruise to the big day.

And you’ll pay less than you would for one pair of crappy earrings from Walgreen’s at 5:30 PM on February 14.

If you want to augment this with flowers, or a thoughtful card, or a big night out, go for it. You’ll find you’re able to make those plans in a much lighter, breezier mood knowing you’ve already booked the headlining gift. And a show-stopping one at that: real pearl earrings in three colors.

Or, if you miss your chance to buy these, well, there’s always Walgreen’s.

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