6-Piece: Heidi & Oak 100% Cotton Ringspun Towel Set

  • 100 percent cotton towels that won’t turn this comment section into an angry mob
  • Ringspun zero-twist which mostly just means they’ll be soft and absorbent
  • Quick drying so you can take another shower in little time
  • All of the various fancy sizes, like at Buckingham Palace or a Red Roof Inn
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Averting a microfiber holy war.

Most of you reading this are probably fairly ordinary, productive members of society. You pay your taxes, sort your recycling, and dutifully click the “meh” button when you’re underwhelmed by a deal.

It’s called having a society, and we appreciate your efforts very much.

But man, in an era where the humble act of ginning up an internet mob has been elevated to an art form, nobody grabs the pitchforks and torches faster or more decisively than the approximately two dozen of you who LOSE YOUR DAMN MINDS when we float a deal that involves microfiber instead of the pure and apparently preferred notion of 100 percent cotton.

We love you anyway, but…yikes. Our kids read this stuff. One of our copywriters has a seven year old who now anxiously believes that someone called @Captain_Cotton is actually going to come pee on their dog and leave last week’s microfiber sheets deal behind to clean it up.

That shit ain’t right.

And hey, we can be accused of many things, but not listening isn’t one of them. (Yes, @guybrush01, we see you on the Mehrathon requests.)

That’s why you’ll notice that today’s deal is ahem 100 percent ringspun cotton. That’s not just cotton. It’s like…fancy cotton.

So we’re confident that even the most righteous cotton enthusiasts out there can get behind this one.

As for everybody else, do you need towels? There’s a good rule of thumb on this one, which is that if you can’t remember where your towels came from, there’s a good chance that it’s time for a new set.

If that’s you, now’s the time.

If you know damn well when you got your towels, but they suck…also your time.

And if you bought some not-quite-cotton towels in the past and have been taking out your resulting rage in daily deal comments sections ever since, well…we hear this ringspun stuff is pretty great.

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