Ful Radiant 3-Piece Luggage

  • You get 3 roller bags: a 29 inch, a 25 inch, and a 21 inch
  • Hard-sided, spinner wheels, stylish looks, the works
  • The 29 and 25 inch models have TSA-Friendly locks
  • The 21 inch has a built-in USB port on the side
  • That means you can hook up a power bank inside and get a charge as you’re rolling through another hellish day of travel
  • Model: FLML0053-40, FLML0053-400, because you’ll say “I fucking love my life,” when you have this luggage set
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Sorry To Bag On Air Travel

Air travel sucks. It’s crowded. The coffee’s bad. And you either end up with a 40 minute layover that becomes 5 minutes, leaving you to complete a mad dash across several terminals when your first flight is delayed; or you get a 3 hour layover that becomes a 6 hour layover when your second flight is delayed.

At which point, you’ll sit down at an airport bar and have just enough beers to get tipsy–let’s say three (final bill will be about $58)–but not enough to be pass out drunk (you need to able to deal with gate changes, cancellations, etc.). And so, when the flight does eventually get off the ground, you’ll be just tired enough that you won’t be able to concentrate on your book.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. Not that this has happened to us. Every time we’ve travelled.

Anyway, point is: given that air travel sucks, you need to do whatever you can to make it suck a little less. Maybe that means paying a few extra dollars not to connect through O’Hare. Maybe it means packing a snack to tide you over so you don’t need to pay $$$ for a few stale crackers and cubes of Colby jack cheese on the plane.

Or maybe it just means getting some good luggage.

Like, for example, this set we’re selling today! You don’t just get one stylish, hard-shelled roller bags with those spinner wheels that make for easy navigation. You get three, in different sizes: 29 inch, 25 inch, and 21 inch. The two larger bags each come with a TSA-Friendly lock. And the 21 inch–i.e. the carry-on–has a USB port built into the side, so you can hook up a power bank (not included) inside and get a charge without having to unpack anything. And if you come home with a few extra goodies, the 21 and 29 inch suitcases are expandable.

Is any of this going to mitigate the frustrations of a cancelled flight or a too-tight layover? Not exactly. But it’ll make the overall experience a bit less shitty, and that’s really the best you can hope for sometimes.

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