Floor Police Cordless Spinning Motorized Mop for Tile and Wood Floors

  • Two spinning mop heads capable of 100rpm
  • All you need to do is spray on whatever cleaner you want to use and then push this thing around the floor
  • Really, really light
  • Swivel head means you can get under furniture and even clean vertical surfaces like shower walls and windows
  • Will run for 90 minutes on a single charge
  • Here’s an informercial that shows it in action
  • Is it Mac compatible: Oh, yeah, it’s great for buffing Macs
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Make Mopping Fun(ish)

So, what we have here is a thing for cleaning floors that works like… well, we’ll show you.

First, you spray on whatever cleaner you want, like this:

Then you push it around for 90 minutes on a single charge (because it’s rechargeable!), like this:

And the whole time, the bottom is doing this:

So that you don’t have to do this:

And, btw, it’s not just for wide-open floors. With a swivel head, it’ll have no problem getting under furniture, and you can even use it to clean vertical surfaces like shower walls and windows.

Now, you’re probably thinking: are the folks at Meh–who pride themselves on their honest, transparent marketing–really just letting a few infomercial gifs do the talking for them?


Because it’s very effective. Seriously, mopping sucks. It is, easily, the worst chore. All the bucket filling, the wringing, the actual mopping, the waiting for the floor to dry–it’s annoying. And we’re not saying this thing will fully replace your standard mop. But, if you have something that’s this easy, you’re likely to give your floors a quick clean more often, thus keeping the major full-blown mopping sessions to a minimum.

That’s probably why it’s got a rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on almost 3,000 reviews over on Amazon. Or, then again, maybe people were just hypnotized by those spinning pads…

Okay, we just blinked while looking at that and three hours passed so we’re gonna issue the call-to-action and call it a day: grab yourself a Floor Police spinning mop, and make mopping suck a little less!

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