4-Pack FineLife Sonic Toothbrushes & 12 Extra Brush Heads

  • Four rechargeable electric toothbrushes to give your teeth a buzzy clean
  • Colors that the kids can fight about
  • Enough replacement heads to go the distance
  • Model: BZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ
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The family that brushes together…

…probably needs to give each other a little more space.

But still, anybody who has more than one kid knows that the basic logistics of keeping young humans alive don’t really scale smoothly as you add more of them.

If one kid is Y amount difficult, it’s kind of reasonable to expect that two kids would be something less than 2Y difficult. Maybe like 1.7Y difficult.

Cats are like that. You could add a second cat to the mix and barely notice, unless the second one is actively screwing with you, which will only usually be true.

Kids, though…no.

You start adding kids to the equation and suddenly socks are disproportionately hard to keep track of and something as simple as loading the car becomes a whole thing.

Unless you’re going to run your brood with the brutal efficiency of a military command or one of those super-regimented families who end up on reality TV spouse-swapping shows, life will become a long string of various aggravations having to do with keeping track of personal items and/or people.

Just try maintaining electric toothbrushes for a family of four.

Problem one: it gets super expensive. Similar brands that do, you know, exactly the same thing as today’s deal can cost more than a hundred bucks a pop.

Problem two: replacing brush heads. If you don’t have some compatible replacement brush heads handy when the old ones start to get funky, it’s really tempting to let the kids either grind theirs down into oblivion or fall back on the lame manual brushes that they get from the dentist. Equally tempting is to hoard all the replacement heads for yourself, which is the main benefit of sharing a toothbrush ecosystem across multiple people in the first place.

Problem three: batteries. Most adult-oriented toothbrushes charge nicely, but it’s amazing how common it is to see kid toothbrushes that just use AAs or whatever. This…is madness. The last thing you need at tooth brushing time is to pause the whole operation and find replacement batteries, plus maybe a screwdriver. The colorful character branding will make you think it’s worth it. It’s not.

Anyway, we obviously wouldn’t be bringing up all of these annoying problems if we didn’t have a solution for them. Or if the solution wasn’t that you buy this family four-pack right now.

So yeah. Buy this family four-pack right now.

You get the brushes, you get the chargers, and you get the replacement heads that will last everyone through a full year of replacements (or last you personally through a couple of years if you want to go with that hoarding strategy discussed earlier).

Oh, and you even get travel cases for each, equally useful for travel as for being able to have a toothbrush rattle around in a kid’s bathroom junk drawer without getting too gross.

Also, they come in different colors.

You know.

For fighting about.


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