Mystery Brand 23L Commuter Backpack

  • A cool, clean backpack made by a company we didn’t even realize made backpacks
  • What company you ask? A mystery company! (Seriously, we can’t tell)
  • A small yet rad thing: the water bottle side pockets actually have magnets, so when you’re not using them, they lay flat for a sleeker look
  • Has a shock-absorbent pad for your 15.5" laptop
  • Is it Mac compatible: did you even read the last bullet point?
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Can't Say

Now, this is one of those “famous maker” mystery sales where we can’t tell you the brand. Which is too bad, because it’s one that a lot of people have an immense amount of loyalty for. And so you might expect to read this write-up and find clues that reveal to you, slyly, the company in question, so as to help inform your purchasing decision.

Yet, I simply cannot do that! No, I am a copywriter of principal and must keep you entirely in the dark on this one, unfortunately, by discussing only the most straightforward aspects of the product.

So, let’s start with the style. Is it as flamboyant and eye-catching as, say, what you might expect from a collaboration between a necktie brand and Kanye West?

What would those be called, I wonder? Ye Ties?

It doesn’t matter. I was just giving an example. The point is: the style is understated. And the storage capacity is excellent, with a number of compartments, including a shock-absorbent pocket for your 15.5" laptop. That makes it the perfect backpack for any occasion, whether you’re commuting to work, taking a vacation, or trekking into the woods to try and get a glimpse of the legendary Sasquatch. Or Abominable Snowman. Or … uh… the other word for that creature.

And $59 is a steal, by the way. Backpacks like this usually retail for almost triple that price, making them the preferred brand of super-rich people. You know, the folks with the ocular condition that occurs after spending too much time aboard massive boats? What’s that called again? “Yacht eye”?

But what if someone had a weird accent where they pronounced yacht so it rhymed with “bet” and eye like it rhymed with “bee”? That would sound like–

Jeez, sorry! Got a little off-topic there! Anyway, what I’m saying is, with this backpack at this price, the deal couldn’t get any cooler, brand revealed or not!

Huh, “cooler, brand.” Funny how those two words ended up next to each other…

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