Anker Eufy S11 Lite Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • It’s an Anker so you know it’s going to have great Bluetooth connectivity and sound qualit-- Oh shit, this isn’t another pair of earbuds?!
  • 75AW of power, which is pretty serious
  • Will run for 35 minutes on one charge, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but actually is a lot
  • Comes with a bunch of tools for cleaning in crevices and whatnot
  • Does it come in Georgia red: oh, wow, yes? It does?
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Dirt Everywhere

Gotta love vacuum marketing photography, right? Where everyone lives in a pristine, spotless house yet, paradoxically, there are just huge piles of dirt all over the place.

Like, look at this:

What happened here? Was someone standing in the middle of an empty room potting a succulent?

Or here, check this one:

Ah, yes! That basic human situation where you spill your bowl of dry cereal and your first inclination is not to, you know, sweep it up, but rather to plow your vacuum straight through that little mountain before emptying it into the trash.

But, real talk: we get it. Anker needs an image that conveys this thing’s full 75AW of suction power in action. It needs to imply its maneuverability and its large canister size. Also, its impressive 35 minutes of runtime. Actually, that one is hard to get across in a still image. But still, the point stands: they need to show it doing its absolute most so you’re impressed enough to buy it and use it for basic vacuuming.

In other words, the pictures look silly, but the vacuum is not. So buy it, please.

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