Emoji Travel Pillow w/ Eye Mask

  • Let people on the plane know you’re quirky without having to talk to them
  • With the eye mask, you don’t need to see how silly you look
  • Model 3M0J1-W1Z

Greetings... FROM THE FUTURE: A Meh-rathon!

The date? January 20th, 2220. We have discovered, on the floor of the Pacifitlantic Ocean, a fully preserved house from the 2020s. Follow along as we describe what’s inside!

Tristholm brought a strange u-shaped plush item down from the attic and asked what I thought it might be. I explained that these were used during long travel days for comfort. This sounded alien to Tristholm, naturally. And I’d only known about it from history-beams concerning an era when one could simply press a button next to one’s eyes and to inoculate oneself instantly.

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