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Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder 3D Printer (Refurbished)

  • This is where I try to pretend I understand 3D printing after reading an Amazon page and get called out by the nerds, isn’t it?
  • Kinda like an inkjet but it makes stuff rather than words on paper
  • 6.7" x 10" x 6" build volume, 4.5 inch full color touch screen, wifi connectivity
  • It’s a classroom favorite because it’s remarkably easy to use and the only assembly is putting a sticker on it
  • Important to know: this machine requires filament on proprietary Dremel spools, but you can make your own adapters for other filament with, you guessed it, your 3D printer, like this one or this one or any number of other options
  • Model: 3D40-DR-RT, so we should all remember the simplicity of this the next time a washcloth or something has a model number that’s 37 digits long
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Late, Great

The evil genius called his assistant into the Chamber Of Terrifying Ideas.

“Sir? You wanted to see me?”

“That’s right,” the evil genius said. “I’ve finally figured it out! My most evil plan to date! And I’d like to discuss it with you before I unveil it to the rest of the henchmen.”

The assistant took two eager steps towards the evil genius’s Thought-Throne and sat at his feet. “Sir, it is an honor! Please! Bestow upon me this surefire work of your genius!”

“First off,” the evil genius began, “we must open an online store. We will sell a variety of fairly standard things, one per day. But there’s a twist!”

“Yes!” the assistant said. “We will hide terrible things inside the products! Like spiders!”

“No,” the evil genius said.

“Toxic sludge!” the assistant said.

“No, that’s not–”

“Poisonous frogs!”

The evil genius shook his head. “No! Stop! We’re not putting anything in the products. We’ll just sell them. For cheap. Like, really really cheap. But then! We’ll sell something very expensive!”

The assistant nodded. “Yes! Something for billions of dollars! And little do they know, we’ve hidden a clause in our terms of use requiring everyone buy everything! And when no one can pay up, we make them sign over their souls!”

“It won’t be a billion dollars,” the evil genius said, annoyed. “And we won’t make anyone buy it. It’ll be the Dremel Digilab 3D40.”

“The award winning 3D printer that usually retails for over $1200?” the assistant said. "A model that’s great for hobbyists, beginners, and teachers, with an intuitive full color touchscreen?

That’s right," the evil genius said. “And we’ll charge just $594 for it.”

“I don’t understand, sir,” said the assistant. “That’s well under what Amazon’s price. Honestly, this sort of feels like the opposite of an evil plan.”

“Well, it would make a great holiday gift, wouldn’t it?” the evil genius said, rubbing his hands together. “But sure enough, we’ll offer it just after the holiday season. Yet not so soon after that people haven’t had time to spend their Christmas cash! Don’t you see? It’s the perfect crime!”

The assistant said nothing to this. He only moved to his feet and began to clap, giving the evil genius a one man standing ovation.

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