Diamond Muse 1/2 Carat TW Diamond Cushion Earrings OR Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • The earrings are really great for wearing in the ears
  • The pendant is excellent for wearing around the neck
  • Genuine diamonds in sterling silver settings
  • Buy either or both for a complete set
  • Ready to gift in a sleek black box with a bow
  • Potential company motto: Muse it or lose it!
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An Easy, Shiny Gift

Why does jewelry make such a good gift?

Because it’s totally useless.

Think about it: buying just about anything else you buy can be justified. A new pair of shoes? When you have a million pairs of shoes? It just means the rest of them will take longer to wear down. A decadent meal? Hey, you gotta eat, right? A sports car? It’ll get you to work. A jet ski? It’ll get you down the river. A game system? It’ll keep you entertained.

Are a lot of these justifications thin as hell? Absolutely. But the point stands: you can find SOME way to rationalize the purchase.

But jewelry is just pretty. That’s it. And ‘pretty’ is not necessary.

Now, can these Diamond Muse earrings make your look? Sure. Can the pendant perfectly round out that outfit you want to wear to the dinner party? Absolutely. But you don’t need to complete your look the way you need something to protect your feet from the sidewalk or calories to get through the day.

And so it’s not up to the jewelry wearer to buy their own jewelry. It’s up to those close to them, thus allowing them to enjoy something shiny without feeling like a diva.

Now, is this theory all just a way to fill space when, in fact, buying jewelry as a gift is as simple as looking at it and asking yourself whether or not your significant other would like it?


Of course, it is.

That’s why there are so many spaces here.

So go ahead and look at the pictures of these earrings and this pendant and ask yourself: would your significant other like to get one of these as a gift? And then buy one of them, because of course they would.

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