Deluxe 14-Piece Acrylic Color Pour Paint Bundle with Cell Magic & Canvas Panels

  • Everything you need for abstract paint magic
  • Includes eight, 8oz premixed pour paints
  • A 16oz cell magic bottle (where the real magic happens)
  • Five 8" x 10" canvas panels
  • Talent optional
  • Model: SPL4T-SPL4T-SPL4T
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Make art (but probably not money).

You’re not going to go to an art store and buy the stuff you need to do this. You’re just not.

No one is.

Once it was established that nobody gets to be the next Jackson Pollock, the last of the wannabes reluctantly let go of their dream of spilling paint for a living. It turned out that the real multi-million dollar abstract art deals were the friends we made along the way. (Great sentiment, but a terrible way to get rich quick.)

But anyway, crushed dreams aside, it turns out that while not particularly lucrative, making art like this is actually pretty satisfying. It’s super relaxing to do and it can even look quite nice on your wall, provided that you have some talent or some luck. Sometimes they just end up looking quite cool.

Today’s deal comes with all the things you need to make some artistic magic happen. The paint itself provides the perfect thickness and flow for your Dirty Pour, Flip Cup, Dutch Pours, and more—all things that we’re almost certain are painting techniques and not adventuresome sexual innuendos that sound like they need to be explained under oath by a flustered Supreme Court nominee.

Regardless, the point is that to make art like this, you can’t just use any old paint. You need this stuff, which pours and oozes and splatters just right, because that’s what it’s for. You want something that flows like honey. (Most paint does not flow like honey.)

You’ll also get some canvasses, meaning you’ll have everything you need right in front of you. It’s the perfect semi-mindless activity to help you creatively ring in the new year and be the kind of person who makes funky art instead of just the kind of person who pursues high scores on medium-quality mobile games. It doesn’t matter how hard you Flappy that Bird, those achievements die with you.

Your cool paint projects, on the other hand, can live on.

Learning the names of the weird pouring techniques is optional.

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