Chefman XL 8-Quart Programmable Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

  • Can hold 8 honking quarts of food
  • Preset and manual cooking controls so you can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sear, sauté, or just keep something warm
  • Comes with a steam rack, steam basket, rice spoon, and ladle
  • Model: RJ40-8-O, which we’re pretty sure is an homage to the the cooking droid from the famous Star Wars cantina scene
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I'm A Chef, Man

When I, esteemed celebrity chef Dick Chefman, decided it was time to start looking for products to grace with my extremely marketable name, I knew whatever I settled on had to be perfect.

After all, I won season 2 of Chef-Off, season 4 of The Next Mega-Chef, season 1 of Molecular Fast-ronomy: Innovative Meals In 30 Seconds or Less, season 6 of Cooking Meat Near Lions, season 5 of Sky-Dive Chili Cook-off, season 4 of Chef-Off (using only my left hand this time), season 2 of Match Stick Mania: The Candle Is Your Only Heat Source, season 3 of Cabin Meals, season 5 of Cooking With Gas: Helium Edition, season 8 of Chef-Off (using only my feet this time), season 12 of Tim Duncan Presents: Culinary Slam Dunks, season 9 of No Knives Chopping, season 1 of Sky-Dive Chili Cook-Off: Champions Challenge and season 22 of Chef-Off (in which I cooked only by staring at the food with such an intense glare that it did as I wanted).

What I’m getting at is, when you’re as accomplished as me, you can’t just put your name on a toaster oven and call it a day.

So why did I choose this this 8-Quart Programmable Multi-Function Pressure Cooker? Because, like me, it’s quick. In fact, it reduces cook times by up to 70 percent compared to traditional cooking methods. Also, like me, it thrives under pressure, though it can also slow cook, steam, and sauté. That’s another similarity, its versatility. Also, like me, it’s big. That’s something people don’t often realize seeing me on television: I’m 7 feet, 8 inches tall.

Now, will it be enough to make many of signature dishes? Like my white truffle hot-zpacho? Or my octopus-free octopus Bolognese? Or my fennel pollen polenta with a gochujang reduction cloud?

No. Of course not.

But all chefs have to start somewhere! Even I was not always Dick Chefman, celebrity chef. I started as the assistant knife-forger for Le Caverne–the 6-Michelin star restaurant that famously operates out of a cave in the south of France–but managed to work my way up through the ranks to become the executive chef in just three months.

And your culinary journey could start here, with this, the only pressure cooker good enough to be adorned with the Chefman name!

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