Hey people of Meh: did you know there’s a whole Black Friday event going on over at SideDeal today?

Candy Cane Meh Logo on Black Tee

  • It’s our logo but all festive-like
  • Probably doesn’t taste like peppermint
  • Somewhat refreshing though
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Day of Days

You’ve got your Black Fridays, your Cyber Mondays, your Prime Days… I think we can do better, as a society. Better retail holidays. More of them, and with more variety. In fact, I have a list of days that I think would be great additions!

1. Puce Wednesday

Everybody’s favorite color and everybody’s favorite day of the week! Act today and get everything you don’t really want at prices that anybody can probably be beat!

You want your least favorite flavor of candy at a price that is a little better than normal but not enough that you’d actually feel the urge to make a purchase? This is the day for you!

Or, not. Not for you.

But it’s there if you want it!

Even though you don’t.

So far today...

  • 42588 of you visited.
  • 51% on a phone, 3% on a tablet.
  • 574 clicked meh
  • on this deal.

And you bought...

  • 117 of these.
  • Deal ended .
  • That’s $1577 total.
  • (including shipping)

Who's buying this crap?

How many are you buying?